We recognize that each organization has unique needs. So, in addition to our product offerings, we also provide services that we can tailor to fit your organization.

Custom Salesforce Implementations

We provide cost-effective solutions that are pre-configured and ready to go.

At the same time, we recognize that some organizations may need a more tailored solution. Our certified nonprofit consultants will help you with a range of customizations, such as:

  • Creating custom objects that help you track data and workflows unique to your organization
  • Integrating one of the many available applications that are pre-configured to work with Salesforce
  • Integrating even the most complex data your organization may need to bring into Salesforce
  • Capturing, tracking, and reporting on your organization’s constituent communications

Remote Administration

The less time you spend on routine administration of your Salesforce solution, the more time you will have to focus on your mission. Our remote administration services will allow us to assist in administering your cloud-based Salesforce solution. Remote administration includes functions such as adding or removing users, importing data, and ensuring the quality and consistency of your data.

Technical Support

When you rely on technology to achieve your mission, you want to be confident that the technology will always work as it should. We offer you peace of mind with cloud-based technical support services such as responding to questions, resolving problems, or making changes to your Salesforce solution.


Our aim is to make your move to Salesforce as easy and efficient as possible. We offer training to help you get started, as well as on-site system training to help you be confident the minute your Salesforce solution launches. We offer training, especially designed for nonprofits that allows staff with disabilities to participate in the development, project management, and implementation steps to adopt Salesforce. Doing this allows staff and clients to gain Salesforce, project management, administrative, and developmental job skills.

Salesforce Adoption Services

It is important to get the greatest value possible out of your technology, so we have created a specialized module that helps track your organization’s adoption of your Salesforce solution. The module allows us to gain unique insights into how well your staff are taking advantage of the Salesforce technologies available to them, and then aid you in supporting staff that may be having difficulties, or further enabling staff to increase their Salesforce skill sets to best benefit your organization.